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Nicole is a vibrant person who has increasingly

studied harder and harder to achieve her goal of

becoming a fully rounded musician.

Her work ethic is consistently improving and she

will be a sought after session singer well before she

completes her studies at RNCM.

I washer vocal tutor for three of her four years at the RNCM and witnessed first hand her growth over the years. I hope to be requiring

an autograph in the near future.

- Audrey Lawrence-Mattis, Vocal Tutor and Head fo AMC Gospel Choir

Working with Nicole as her vocal tutor,
her passion and drive for being a part of the music industry
was immediately obvious. As a singer/songwriter,
has a naturally positive attitude and approach,
welcoming any advice to help shape her music
and performances. As a musician in general, she
is focused and eager to extend her knowledge
in a number of fields, to add to her existing skillset.
She is driven and focused and always keen to develop
and grow her talent. 

- Bea Marshall, Vocal Tutor

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